School Meals

The kitchen staff

Baileys are our school catering company.

School dinners can be booked using ‘dinner pay’ as the electronic method for booking online. School meals are available to all pupils.  Meals cost £2.10. We offer a choice of a hot meal, jacket potato or a vegetarian dinner.  The cost of school meals is notified to parents at the beginning of the school year or as the pupil starts at Pitcheroak.  Forms to apply for free school meals are available from the school office.

Pupils are given menu sheets on a half termly basis so that pupils and parents are aware of the meals on offer. Please click on the link for this term’s menu. Please click here to download…

School meals are eaten in the dining area, or for our very youngest pupils in the Early Years area. We operate two sittings, the first sitting is for Key Stage 2 students and the second sitting is for the older students. Some students bring their own lunch. They eat this in the hall with the other children who are eating school meals. There is additional support with teachers, teaching assistants and lunchtime supervisors all doing duties.

Baileys are also very keen to raise awareness of hidden salt and sugar in your child’s lunchbox. Please click on the link to read more about this. Please click here to download…

Baileys conducted a parent survey in June 2018 on the quality of school meals. Please click on the link to find out the results. Please click here to download…

Dinner Pay

The school operate a cashless method of paying for school dinners. Parents/ carers can still make school payments by cash or cheque however, the preferred method is online payments. Pupils are encouraged to pre-order their school dinners a week in advance.