Admission of pupils to the school is through Educational Health Care Plans or through an assessment placement as negotiated with the Local Authority. School placement of pupils with Special Educational Needs is determined by Worcestershire County Council (The Local Authority).  Most of the pupils attending the school are resident in Worcestershire. The Admissions Process at Pitcheroak School is determined by ‘The School Admissions Code’ and ‘The Admissions Appeals Code’ written by the Department for Education (DfE).

Both codes are available from

Admission Process:

  • The school receive a formal request for a placement from the LA (Contact number 01905 845579)
  • The school reviews all documentation and considers whether the pupil’s needs can be met and whether the school has the space, staffing and resources to accommodate the pupil within its existing operational organisation.
  • Parents/carers, prospective pupils, their teachers and supporting professionals are advised to visit the school by prior appointment.
  • School staff will sometimes visit the pupil’s school and family as necessary.
  • Once a place has been offered the school may offer taster sessions or a phased entry into school life if that is requested.
  • In common with other schools Pitcheroak holds a transition day for pupils transferring between schools.
  • Children can be admitted to Pitcheroak at any age depending on availability of spaces.