Good communication is vital between the school and parents/carers. Parents/carers are welcome to visit at any time, however it is not always appropriate to “drop in” to classes, so when visiting parents/carers may request to see a member of the Leadership Team. Prior appointments need to be made for meetings with class teachers as they are usually teaching during the school day. Parents are also invited to a variety of activities such as family assemblies, Christmas service, Easter service and Sports Day.

Consultation Evenings

There are two consultation evenings throughout the academic year. The dates are published in advance so that individual appointments with teachers can be made. Please see the dropdown menu ‘calendar’ for dates of forthcoming evenings.

Educational Health Care Annual Reviews

Parents/carers are formally invited into Pitcheroak School to discuss their child’s EHCP once a year during an annual review and this is usually conducted with the class teacher. This review allows us to report on progress and to jointly discuss targets to be working towards. In addition, Consultation Evenings are held where parents/carers have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress.

“I was invited to attend an annual education health care plan meeting. I felt very included in the process and the targets were discussed for both the long term and short term benefits. I feel the process was very clear and accurate to what progress we expect in the coming year. I feel more informed than I have been before with past experience of school’s sharing information about my child’s education.”   

Carer of year 3 pupil

Home/School Communication

Early Years and Key Stage 1 – Pupils will receive a daily message in their individual home-school communication diaries that will give an overview of how they have been during the day. We use a tick box system for staff to judge things like how happy children have been, if they have eaten well and how many nappy changes they have had. There is also space for any additional comments. Parents are encouraged to write messages from home in the diary too.  We will also communicate with parents through phone calls home and face to face conversations (if your child is dropped off/collected from school). Parents can expect a phone call home each term to discuss target setting for their child. This will give parents the opportunity to ask questions about individual targets and also tell us if there is anything that you feel we particularly need to work on with your child.  We have two Parent’s Evening’s during the academic year which will enable more in-depth discussions with your child’s class teacher regarding their progress in school. There will also be the opportunity to attend Parental Engagement Activities in which we invite parents to attend sessions with their child in school.

Key Stages 2 and 3 – home/ school diaries are used as a form of communication in both of these Key Stages. We will ensure that any comment written into the diary is read and signed by a teacher. We may not comment everyday however, we will ensure that any important information surrounding your child or the timetable is written into the diary by a member of staff. In Key Stage 2 half termly newsletters are sent home which include important reminders, curriculum information and ideas about how to support learning at home.

Key Stage 4 – students have a planner so that parents and staff may communicate using it. Students are encouraged to use their own planner themselves to record information to support their own organisation. A newsletter is sent home each week which informs parents of any forthcoming events or trips etc.

Key Stage 5 – Students are encouraged to communicate with their teachers themselves and to take responsibility for their own actions and belongings. If any issues do arise then telephone calls and emails are exchanged. For those students with additional communication needs a home/school diary is issued.  Parents/carers can also contact class teachers by telephone, but we ask that this be restricted to before the school day begins or after 3.00pm.

Parent/Carer Workshops

Parent workshops are arranged on specific topics and we also run family support mornings throughout the school year. These events are an opportunity for parents/careers to meet eachother as well as informally chatting with staff from school.

Poster for parents about various groups…

We also hold social activities throughout the school year that are well attended. Please see Friends of Pitcheroak page for further information.

Parent/Carer Engagement

Every term each Key Stage invite the parents and carers into school for a shared experience. To see the long-term plan for parent/carer engagement please click on the link.  Parent Engagement 4 year cycle 2019-2020

Parent engagement objectives…


A newsletter is sent home on a regular basis detailing activities completed and forthcoming events. Please see the ‘Newsletters’ section.

Payments for schools

The school use a cashless method of paying for school dinners. Parents and carers can use the system to track and monitor a variety of activities such as school trips and food technology payments. Please follow the link below to see more information on this system.