School Information

Pitcheroak School is an all age 4-19 special school catering for approximately 140 pupils with Severe, Complex and Moderate learning difficulties. As a school we have developed a curriculum that stimulates and challenges our young people. For more detailed information about the curriculum please look under the drop down menu entitled ‘Curriculum’.

Identified by Ofsted as a good school we ensure that we provide a vibrant and exciting curriculum that motivates our pupils and staff. We continually strive to further enhance our curricular provision, ensuring that our young people have well trained staff and the best possible learning resources available to them. Our personalised teaching and learning focus, concentrates on the development of individually designed learning programmes, enabling our young people to have opportunities to reach their full potential, ultimately becoming self confident and motivated adults.

To report the report about the school’s local offer as required by the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice for 0-25 years Please click here to download… This report will help you to understand how Pitcheroak provides for all pupils with SEND.

The school’s Early Help Offer can be found by clicking on the link – Please click here to download…

Educational, Health Care Plans (EHC Plans) – advice and support

For further information and details of advice and support for parents and young people about EHC Plans at

The IPSEA (Independent Parent Special Education Advice) website is a good site to allow parents to make enquires about the EHC Plans, or contest any part of the new plans.

As a parent or carer you can also contact the Worcestershire SENDIAS (formerly parent partnership) service on 01905 768 153

If you have any enquiries about EHCP’s, or any issues related to moving on from school, from Year 9 through to Year 14 at Pitcheroak please contact Tom George

The Office staff are available to take phonecalls from 8.00am-4.30pm (Monday to Thursday) and 8.00am-4.00pm on Fridays. Outside of these times the school answer phone will be in operation.

Absence From School

It is important that we know why children are not at school.  Please let us know the reason for your child’s absence on the first day. We operate a first day of absence calling system.  This means that one of the office staff will call you if your child is absent and we do not know why. Please do not be offended if we call as we find that such a system keeps us informed and ensures your child’s safety.  We do ask that if your child has been sick or has an untreated rash or skin complaint, you keep them at home for 48 hours – this means they should stay at home for 2 school days before returning to school.


Pupils are provided with transport from home to school provided that they meet certain criteria.  The school is not responsible for organising this transport although we liaise closely with the department within the Local Authority that has that responsibility. The Local Authority Transport Policy states that children who live in excess of the relevant statutory walking distance (2 miles for children under 8 years old and 3 miles for children over 8 years old) normally qualify for the transport if they are attending their nearest designated school.  If a child lives less than the statutory walking distance the Local Authority will determine whether there are any special transport needs which require free transport.  Pupils over 16 are subject to the Council’s Post 16 Transport Policy.  Details can be obtained from the Education Transport Department at County Hall (telephone 01905 763763). Many pupils are transported to and from school in buses, minibuses or taxis with other children living within the same area.  This does affect the length of time of the journey.  All special needs transport has at least one escort as well as the driver of the vehicle.  The escort and the driver can be a useful contact for you and can help you communicate with school by passing on written messages. If you know that your child will not be attending school, please inform the escort on the transport to avoid unnecessary journeys.

Medicines in School

The school has got a nurse who works 2 days a week. The School Nurse deals with any medical issues should they arise and will administer prescribed medications to pupils.  Other school staff are also able to administer medication once they have received appropriate training. No medication will be administered unless the following procedure has been followed:

  • Parents/carers must give the school written consent and instructions how to administer medication using the school’s medication consent form.  Please click here to download the form…
  • Parents/carers must ensure that the school has an adequate supply of correct medication.
  • All medication must be delivered personally to an agreed member of staff (this could be a transport escort).  Under no circumstances can we give medication that just arrives in a pupil’s bag, as this is unsafe practice.
  • The School Nurse and/or school staff will not administer  medicines unless they are prescribed – this includes paracetomol or allergy treatments.

School Security

The school has a security system which requires the door to be opened from the inside for anyone new to the school to be admitted.  The playgrounds have fencing around them and are monitored with CCTV. All corridors have CCTV in place and a fob system is in place for staff to access entrances and exit doors.  Key coded doors are placed throughout the school for additional security.

Emergency School Closure

If for any reason there is a likelihood of the school being closed (for example, if large amounts of snow have fallen overnight), parents/carers should listen for announcements on local radio stations and/or contact school for confirmation. Local radio stations we use to broadcast closure information are BRMB, Heart FM and BBC Hereford & Worcester. We operate a text messaging system that allows us to give you up to date emergency information direct to your mobile phone and we will use this in the event of school closure. School closure information will also be available on our website. If for any reason school needs to be closed after the pupils have arrived at school all parents/carers will be contacted. It is most important the school office has current and correct home and mobile phone numbers and alternative emergency numbers so that parents/carers can be easily contacted if school needs to close. Please inform us of any changes to phone numbers immediately.

Payment for Schools

We use an online system that allows parents and carers to track and monitor a variety of activities such as school trips and food technology payments. Please follow the link below to see more information on this system.


The school is a non-smoking environment. All staff and visitors are asked not to smoke within 50m of the school building.

Plan of the building

Please click here to download…