Lockdown acts of kindness

KS4 and 5 pupils have been challenged to complete 14 acts of kindness over the Easter Holidays and my friends and I chose to hold a face time sleepover to raise money for the Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Charity. We had a sleepover where we had drinks and I put my disco ball on we also had music too! We had lots of fun and all stayed awake for as long as we possibly could. We have chosen to support the NHS because they are in a difficult time at the moment and are struggling for much needed funds. So I thought I’d try to make a fundraiser and I have raised £482 for the the charity. On the night we had made over £300 but then on the 13 April I woke up and more people had donated. I can’t believe how much has been raised. I hope to carry on raising money and get to £500.  I feel very proud of myself and my friends and what we have managed to do to help others.

Article written by Jude