KS3 at Lapworth Museum at Birmingham University

3JW and 3RA had a wonderful day out on 01.05.19 visiting the Lapworth Museum at Birmingham University.  We travelled from school by train which was very exciting and we got to practise using our time telling skills to make sure we caught the right train.  When we reached the university we were able to visit the Lapworth Museum which was full of fascinating fossils and rocks.  We learnt about rocks last term and got to see lots of examples of them.  Most amazingly we saw a full skeleton of a juvenile Allosaurus plus lots of other fossils of dinosaurs and animals alive during the Jurassic period, plants and even some of the first fish.  Most of the fossils had been found in places close to us like Shrophsire and Wenlock.  Finally, after our visit we enjoyed our lunch in the University Quad and saw all the students going to do their learning.  It was very inspiring.
Alistair said, “I have dreamed of seeing something like an Allosaurus but I never thought it would happen, I am so happy!”
The students were all incredibly well behaved and were a credit to Pitcheroak School.