Pastoral Support

Paula, our Pastoral Support Worker

At Pitcheroak School the Pastoral Department aims to:

  • Develop a pastoral provision both whole school and targeted, which will support our pupils who may be facing challenges.
  • Help pupils improve their social, emotional and behavioural skills and to promote and re-enforce self-esteem by individual support or class based support.
  • Develop and promote positive relationships and to praise specific behaviour and positively reward individual efforts and achievements.
  • Support pupils during transitions.
  • Liaise and support parents, carers and families and take advice and support from outside professional agencies when needed.
  • Provide a supportive calm and challenging environment which allows pupils to experience and express their feelings.

All pupils follow a PSHE curriculum as part of the National Curriculum. PSHE supports the development of social, moral and spiritual understanding.  Reporting behavioural incidents is important as staff can then identify patterns of behaviour and intervene if necessary. As a school we record each significant incident using ‘Sleuth’ our behaviour tracking system. This is monitored on a weekly basis and strategies are amended if necessary. Appropriate behaviour strategies and achievable/ understandable targets are identified and put in place for each individual pupil. Additional assistance can then be given to pupils either individually or in a small group setting e.g. social and emotional, behaviour etc. Additionally Pastoral Support Plans are put in place and regular Pastoral Support meetings are held with the parent/carer to ensure a consistent approach at home and school.


Hayley, our Emotional Well-Being Support worker

I have been part of the team at Pitcheroak School for over twenty years. The school has a supportive ethos and I am passionate about supporting children and young people. I work as part of the Pastoral Team in a counselling role to promote the emotional wellbeing of students helping them to develop their capacity for self-regulation, resilience and confidence.

Sessions may include some of the following:

  • 1:1 work with individuals
  • Small nurture groups
  • Play therapy with younger students
  • Work in class to promote well-being strategies across the school

I also work with other agencies and families to support the students’ mental wellbeing, which in turn promotes their enjoyment and learning at school.

My aim is to work with students to equip them with the necessary skills they will need in order to cope with life’s ups and downs and to support them fully so that they can reach their full potential.