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Inclusion at Pitcheroak means we try to encourage mainstream and special schools to come together to support each other in both settings.

We identify the individual needs of students at Pitcheroak and provide opportunities for them to access enjoyable, engaging and stimulating learning experiences as part of their ‘rightful’ inclusion in other schools. We also support the inclusion of students from partner schools to access areas of ‘specialism’ within Pitcheroak.

By having a strong inclusive ethos at Pitcheroak we encourage and nurture our students ‘self-esteem’ and ‘self-belief’ which provides enormous benefits and rewards in their lives.

We are fortunate that we have a dedicated learning mentor who focusses on establishing and sustaining links between Pitcheroak School and other local schools. These links enable us to offer students from both settings an inclusive learning opportunity with support.

Our Learning Mentor:

Learning mentor - Kate

Kate Jervis (Learning Mentor)

“Students at Pitcheroak have a right to feel a part of the Redditch community and experience a variety of learning opportunities around their local area. I am very keen to build links with a wide range of local schools and organisations to allow our students those valuable experiences. This would then enhance their self-esteem and social skills as well as their academic potential.”