Assessment, Pupil Progress & Results

Assessment is a very important aspect of our work at Pitcheroak and there are a variety of ways this takes place.  Please click here to view how assessment is completed at Pitcheroak. All teachers plan lessons which contain learning objectives for the pupils in their group. Teaching staff then assess and record whether each child has achieved the desired learning objective. This then informs planning for future lessons. We also assess and record progress on a regular basis on our B Squared system. This enables us to report progress to parents/carers at each of our Consultation Evenings as well as in detail at the Annual Review of their child’s statement. We record a lot of pupil’s work using photographs and video and we keep them for each pupil to show their achievement. Certificates are regularly given out to recognise pupil’s achievements in many different areas. Pupils use these certificates in their Records of Achievement as well as bringing them home.

Summary of End of Key Stage 1-3

Data analysis & evaluation of results KS1-KS3 July 2017

Results for End of Key Stages 1-3 are available below:

2016-2017 End of Key Stage 1 Results

2016-2017 End of Key Stage 2 Results

2016-2017 End of Key Stage 3 Results

Results from previous years: 

2015-2016 End of Key Stage 1 Results

2015-2016 End of Key Stage 2 Results

2015-2016 End of Key Stage 3 Results