Accreditation Results

Results for Key Stage 4 and 5 are available below:

End of Key Stage 4 Data 3 year overview 2014-2017

End of Key Stage 5 Data 3 year overview 2014-2017

Students in Key Stage 4 may undertake Entry Level 1-3  in some or all of the following courses:

  • AQA Entry Level English
  • AQA Entry Level maths
  • AQA Entry Level science
  • OCR Entry Level IT
  • AQA Entry Level Art & Design
  • ASDAN Entry Level Personal Development
  • ASDAN Bronze/Silver Award
  • ASDAN Transition Challenge
  • ASDAN Short Courses in Manufacturing; Food Wise; Sport and Fitness; Expressive Arts

Students working from P Levels to Entry Level 1 undertake:

  • ASDAN Personal Progress Units

Students can achieve either a Certificate or a Diploma in Personal Progress depending upon how many credits they achieve over time.

There are a wide range of appropriate Personal Progress Units for students to build up a portfolio mapping their skills and progress. These units include the core subjects and other subjects in the wider curriculum. Students also study Physical Education and Religious Education along with the rest of their class groups.

For more information on the level of qualifications please see below.

Students in Key Stage 5 may undertake Entry Level 1-3 in some or all of the following courses:

  • OCNWM Diploma in Personal Progress
  • OCNWM Diploma in Independent Living
  • OCNMW Entry Level in maths
  • OCNMW Entry Level in English
  • OCNWM Award in ICT
  • OCNWM Entry in PE